“The four San Francisco stories that unfold in monologue in Red Lips Woman Productions’ “Life on Hiatus” have the economy and the lyricism of poetry.” Lily Janiak - San Francisco Chronicle

"Finding truth in something doesn't always mean telling it exactly how it happened."

- Lachlan The Bray


Lachlan was born in the bush.

Raised around bonfires and bush ballads his ears were always open to the stories of the valley. A steady diet of travel tales from his father, meandering anecdotes from his mother, the characters in the local village colouring these parentally censored versions of reality. Banjo George, Smokin Joe, the infamous Jones Brothers, the renegades, retrobates, cow cockies, surfers, hippies, the graziers, the dairymen, the tradies, the staunch Catholics, the Protestants who lived on the other side of town. They all became food for thought  and characters in Lachlan's early work. 

It has been some time since Lachlan has called the Maclaey Valley home and his work has grown to reflect the endless horizon he has been chasing. Every new city, each new place, the endless hours of road trips, missed connections, sleeping in airports, sitting in traffic;  it all ends up in there somewhere.

Always looking for the next horizon Lachlan has performed in major cities both in the United States and Australia. He has taken original shows to both the New York International Fringe Festival and the Hollywood Fringe Festival, while performing regularly in and around San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Lachlan The Bray is coming home.

In 2019 he will take a break from touring to complete a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.  He will be finding new ways to tell the stories that need to be told.